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Beautiful tote bag, create by a beautiful lady! I was so excited to receive my parcel from Suki. Everything was wrapped so perfectly and was delivery very promptly. The tote bag is of very high quality in my opinion, could not recommend this product enough!This perfect gift for your friends, family or yourself! Gorgeous illustrations & gorgeous packaging!! Thank you again! xx


This totebag is TOTEally awesome! its pure white which is a nice change of pace from my other off white totes, with a striking yet delicate design. It's also very spacious and large which is so convenient. I'd wager double the size of most of my other bags. Yet it doesnt feel bulky or inconvenient when I have it on my shoulder. I love it, definitely my go to tote now. Thank you Suki!


I love my Suki Studio Capricorn tote bag! The design is so detailed and unique to your individual horoscope. The bag itself is very good quality. It is sturdy and can fit a lot of heavy items in it without digging into your shoulder when you carry it. These totes would make a great present for someone or as a little gift to yourself.